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Dear Friends,

Join Jody at her new site BERGSMA.TV.


Visit BERGSMA.TV for Jody’s blog posts, NEW painting class video series, current specials and so much more.

BERGSMA.COM is still our main site for all of Jody’s paintings and products.

We appreciate your feedback…please tell us what you think. Visit Jody’s Facebook Fan page, Twitter, or comment right on BERGSMA.TV.

We hope you love it!


Painting The Dragon, NAME THE IMAGE…And The Fall Opening Is Almost Here!!!

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Dear Blog Friends!

Next Thursday the 27th I begin a three day EVENT…and YOU ARE INVITED!

Come and see all of the 2011 originals on display!
We have lots of specials…at the show and online.
Our new iPhone, Kindle, Camera, SmartPhone Cases will be ON SALE!
My Daughter Sky designed 12 new computer images from my art for these “CarryAlls”.

Look for your invitation in the mail and we hope you can come!

NOW…Art Class.
“How to paint a watercolor background.”

This week I painted a Dragon and Phoenix to honor the coming year…
“2012”  which is the year of the Dragon.
The challenge will be the very complicated background.

With Watercolor you have to paint light to dark so all of the foreground needs to be completed first.

I use Repetition With Variation in all of the colors. The colors of the Phoenix are repeated in the boy.The Dragon is repeated in the clouds.

Now the background.

You need to mix up ALLOT of PAINT.

You need quiet time to complete your wash. Interruptions can ruin your flow!

Do your large wet on wet wash background in stages and use lots of water to keep the washes smooth.

Keep building up the colors. Remember they will dry back lighter so you need allot of pigment.

Did you notice the repeated swirls in the wash?

Placing clear water around all of the fine hairs and wings an feathers takes time.

Be patient.

Keep your paper wet.

Painting around all of the objects is the trick! I use FLAT BRUSHES.

They can be used for details like getting in between the hairs  using the edge of the brush.

They can hold allot of water unlike a fine tipped brush.

If you get the paper too wet…no worries, pick up the excess water with a paper towel!

Use the color in the sky for the shadows…just very pale.

Finish your painting with white titanium paint and your liner brush!


Please click HERE to post on my FB Fan Page!

If I choose your title, I will send you a limited edition DRAGON and PHOENIX  print !

If you want to cast a vote for your favorite title, click the “LIKE” button under the best submission.

Chinese Prophesy: “When both the Dragon dances and the Phoenix soars… happiness and peace will rule the world.”

Wishing you all good things…and a little magic!



Drawing Magical Dragons,Let Your Phoenix Soar! Free Shipping Special Too!

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Darling Friends…

Sky and I are working on the videos…we will have a few to launch by the end of October…Just in time for the ARRIVAL OF THE ART BOOK!

We will give YOU the new website for FREE ART CLASSES at the OPENING October 27th -29th! You are INVITED.

This week we have a spooky cool special!

FREE SHIPPING for orders within the continental USA…! Till the 31st. (Prices adjusted once order ships)

Now onto ART Class…

TIPS FOR DRAWING Fantasy Creatures.
This week I drew 2 Dragon and Gryphon combinations.

Dragons are the element of good fortune and the spring energy of growth.
The phoenix is the symbol of those who can begin again.

First start with rough sketches of your subjects…
Stay loose. Erase allot!

My first drafts are made with a light 3H pencil.

Keep DOODLING…use your eraser…
SECRET TECHNIQUE…Make faces while you draw your characters.
Try it right now…put on the face of a snarling dragon…
I SWEAR, it will help you draw them better! ( Stick your tongue out.)

Expression is EVERYTHING!

Be Powerful…Feel your character, make the face!!!.
I first saw this technique when I visited the studios at Disney.
Every artist has a mirror at their desk to make faces at!

I want my Dragon to have a rider… See the bird under the Dragon/ phoenix in this rough sketch?

When I draw dragons I start with birds.

I use thin tracing paper to help layer and develop my ideas.

Sky (early in the morning)  arrived and added some ideas to the composition!
She inspired these drawings by finding on line a special statement …
“When the Dragon Dances …and the Phoenix Soars… Happiness will rule the land.” Old Chinese Proverb.

Most fantastic creatures are combinations of existing animals and shapes in Nature.

I use horses and my long haired whippets to create my dragons. ( Maybe a little gator) The Eyes of Cats!

The Phoenix is part heron and hawk…See it now?

See the RED MAPLE LEAF? This pattern I use for Dragon and Fairies wings.

Next…This is an example of a very loose and energetic thumbnail fantasy drawing…They are fun and full of life! WINGS everywhere.

Can you see the dragon and Gryphon taking shape??

I laid a piece of tracing paper over the quick sketch and began to shape the details.

I placed the second drawing on a “light” table and started on the final drawing.
Nest week join me to see these fully completed and painted!

Remember…when you draw and paint fantasy…you bring MORE MAGIC into your life!

“You walk in the atmosphere of your own believing.” Willard Fuller

The Pets are an Inspiration! My Dog is the dragon!

Princess Peach, the rescue studio kitty has the eyes!

Thanks for joining me in this week’s…Magical Creatures Class.

Remember, the world is full of magic if you just keep your eyes open and believe!

Wishing you a fantastic, magical week!


Paint An Orca And The Next Big Event

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Dear Blog Friends…

Welcome to another painting class!

Orca Whales are an EASY and BEAUTIFUL creature to PAINT…when you know these secrets.

First, I want to let you know about the ART OPENING at the end of October…All of the originals that you have seen me paint this year will be on display!

I would love to talk to you about their meaning and the techniques…I hope you can come!

Now onto class…

With Orca, you need these tips…START WITH THE LIGHTEST WASHES FIRST.

See how many colors I am layering into the white of the Orca?

Under the water there are shadows and filtered light that we try and capture.

The Orca washes in the white areas may seen a little dark now…but when you add the black…you will see, they are right.

The stain washes in the sky will be reflected in the water.

REPETITION WITH VARIATION…The colors and shapes of the mountains are mimicked in the waves.

With black watercolor…you need to be patient and wait until the end to add the black because it will bleed.

I use Payne’s Gray for Orcas…a blue black.

To get the roundness of the Orca I use Cerulean Blue and Cobalt Violet, Cobalt Blue, Winsor Blue and Prussian Blue stain and Payne’s Gray.

First, the blue and violet mineral wash for the highlight.

Cobalt Blue and Prussian Blue for the mid tones…

Payne’s Gray for the black…THIS IS SO EASY…IF YOU KNOW THESE COLORS!

 WITH A LINER BRUSH I add the effect of the water reflection on the still wet Orca.

Patiently, you paint each section until the Orca takes shape. Remember your colors…repetition with variation!

Look  how the white underbelly of the Orca looks now…the black creates so much contrast.

The first few times I tried to paint an Orca, I had to carefully repaint the white areas because I had made them too light.

I use white Titanium Paint mixed with the green and blue to help it blend.

Orcas are so graceful…They inspire us with their magnificent beauty!

If you didn’t know by now…BLUE is my favorite color…no wonder I love painting the sea!

Have a great week and see you soon.



Paint A Snow-Girl And You Are Invited To Two Events!!

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Hello Blog Friends and Painters!

First Announcements:

1. Jody would love to see you at her signing at Art’s West in Issaquah.
12-3 P.M. this Saturday, October 1ST.
She will be taking many of the new art prints and THE PILLOWS!

2. OCTOBER 27th – 29th…The Fall Opening
At the GALLERY in Bellingham!

Jody Bergsma with Kellee Lindauer…who loves the title: “Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Signing at…Arts West Unique Gifts.
317 NW Gilman Blvd #27, Issaquah, WA 98027
425.270.3758 or  855.873.1555

This week I painted a new Holiday Snowman!
Join me in class to see how it is done. 🙂

First, I start with sketches…Do lots of little ideas till something begins to excite you.

Teddy Bears, Snow-People and The Holidays…what a good combo!

Art Tip: To create white with watercolor…you must add very little color.

The pink…gives a living, breathing quality to our Snow-Girl!

I use a combination of cobalt -blue, green and purple to make the shadows in the snow.

These mineral paints are heavy and will not travel far in the wet wash.

 I use a wet on wet wash technique to make evergreen trees.

Big salt crystals in the snow will make an illusion of frost!

Art Tip: When you place the salt in the wet surface of your painted paper…

You will get the best results if the paper is almost dry.

Practicing salt washes is FUN! You always are surprised.

When filling in the other colors…keep them light and use the blue and purple mineral paint to make shadows.

Your Watercolor will glow if you keep the colors very light in the highlights!

Create roundness in your shapes by shadowing with a darker mineral wash.

After all of your colors are filled in…Add  shadows to create depth.

Can you see the shadow under the snow-girl’s nose and holly hair?

Adding some White Titanium watercolor with a liner brush at the end…puts in final details.

The snowflakes are the last touch…
“I just can’t Bear the Holiday’s without you!”

End of Class!

Sky and I are now filming the watercolor class…Look for them soon!

See you at the signings!



Jody will be Signing in Monroe Wa. Saturday and PAINTING…The Colors of Summer.

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Dear Blog Friends…

First an announcement!

I will be signing this Saturday at Chrisy’s Vintage Vault from 12:00 to 3:00PM

I will be bringing the new beach images and the new Tribute painting.

Christy’s Vintage Vault (Click Here for more info)

106 E. Main St, Monroe, WA 98272

Also…I will be traveling to VEGAS for the Souvenir Trade show at the LV Convention Center…

I will be showing all of the NEW products…

I will be at Booth #900, with  Designs Unlimited…My T-shirt manufacturer!

See  all of the Dream Friend Pillows!!!

Now, let’s talk about PAINTING!

Last July I traveled along the West Coast from Santa Monica to Bellingham…

Art Class: Girl on the beach, color secrets.

The colors of sand and water are so soothing…this is how you do it!

Blues and Tans are The foundation of a beach color scheme!

When you choose blues, know that there are many to choose from and all are very different.

Here in the shadows on the skin…See the mineral blues “Cobalt and Cerulean”.
And how they stay in place…unlike a stain blue.”Windsor or Thalo Blue” as seen below.

 Stain Blues make colors that are rich and dark. Mineral Blues are lighter.

I want a light foreground against a darker sky.

Art Tip:  Contrast is an artist’s friend. Light against dark…or dark against light.

When Painting water it is good to remember that the water always reflects the colors in the sky and the rocks.

Plan ahead and place reflections in your wet water wash!

Sand can be tricky…here is a great color combo.

Yellow mixed with purple will give you a perfect shade for the sand…add a little of the blues you put in the sky and your color will be right.

This palette was made with Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Purple, Windsor Purple, Sepia and Yellow Ochre.

These colors are repeated in the girl’s hair.

Note how the colors are alternated in a clear water wash to bring out the appearance of  SHINE in the hair!

Can you see the yellow golds and purple in the sand?
Did you see the purples in the Dress and Gulls?
Did you notice the cast shadows…I bet you missed them!:)
The shadows are a trick that hint at light and dimension, even though it is not part of any real scene.

For the final details I need white watercolor.Titanium White is the most Opaque.

The fine string for the kite and some of her strands of hair are created with white watercolor.

These last details are made with a fine liner brush.
Just working on this piece brought back great memories from the trip!

I will post the top ideas for titles this weekend on my FB Fan Page.

Thank to all who sent in entries, and please vote…XOXO

There lives in each of us an eternal child, who is full of hope, wonder and delight!

Never let them go.

Thank you for joining me on my Artist’s Journey…I leave you with a poem…

“Let us together a journey begin, holding onto the best within…
We’ll go to a place we’ve been before, the childhood gate will be your door.
Be strong of good courage, be not afraid…
for the path that we’ll walk, is the one our dreams made.”



Dream Friends ARRIVE!! And The “Painting Of TRIBUTE”…9-11 Ten Years Later

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Dear Friends,

First the big news…the wildlife and fantasy Dream Friends that you helped me with 4 months ago HAVE ARRIVED!

My Staff of 8 unloaded 1000 boxes. What a great TEAM!!

We would like to extend the pre-sale price of $14.99 until Sept. 18th. (Reg. $19.99)

These are a HUGE hit with KIDS and a fantastic price!

Jody Bergsma and Heather, Sergei the truck driver , Lanette and Pam in the Box line.

The Pillows fold up; velcro and become a darling FRIEND!

The Dream Friends include: Dragon, Wolf, Unicorn, Rainbow Cat, Moose and Bear!


This week I tackled a huge assignment.

To create a “Tribute” to all our military servicemen and women, Firemen, and Police.

I have always felt deeply for the many that have suffered and died in the line of duty… Do we think of them, and say a prayer of thanks for their incredible sacrifice?

I wanted to.

The mechanics…Prepare your colors.

Yellow is a central color…It is the color of will.

My blues need to be softened…I use this secret, add brown to blue…and a little purple.

Blue is the color of vision and the mind.

Using Mineral Blues creates the granular look in the wash.

The cobalt blue mineral in the red stain is a fantastic combination…The blue ties the red into the composition in a “perfect” balance.

Caput Mortium, Cobalt Blue and Alizarin Crimson…and a little brown…Create the Stripes.

I use the light red wash in the sky to balance the painting.

The blues that I used in the sky are now darkened with Sepia brown and Payne’s Grey.

Once all of the colors are in place it is time to add the details.

For this I use Titanium White.

The stars are carefully placed.

The Soldiers and Fireman are surrounded with white halos.

They walk the path of  Loyalty, Bravery and Honor.

The eye and heart of the eagles guide them on their last journey.

I am moved to drop my head in Gratitude…May this painting serve as a Lasting Tribute, to all that have ever served this country.

Thank you.

We remember 9-11, the 10th Anniversary this week…
All gave some…some gave All.


Click on “Tribute”

50% off Raw Limited Edition Prints of Tribute…until Sept. 18th.