Jody will be Signing in Monroe Wa. Saturday and PAINTING…The Colors of Summer.

Dear Blog Friends…

First an announcement!

I will be signing this Saturday at Chrisy’s Vintage Vault from 12:00 to 3:00PM

I will be bringing the new beach images and the new Tribute painting.

Christy’s Vintage Vault (Click Here for more info)

106 E. Main St, Monroe, WA 98272

Also…I will be traveling to VEGAS for the Souvenir Trade show at the LV Convention Center…

I will be showing all of the NEW products…

I will be at Booth #900, with  Designs Unlimited…My T-shirt manufacturer!

See  all of the Dream Friend Pillows!!!

Now, let’s talk about PAINTING!

Last July I traveled along the West Coast from Santa Monica to Bellingham…

Art Class: Girl on the beach, color secrets.

The colors of sand and water are so soothing…this is how you do it!

Blues and Tans are The foundation of a beach color scheme!

When you choose blues, know that there are many to choose from and all are very different.

Here in the shadows on the skin…See the mineral blues “Cobalt and Cerulean”.
And how they stay in place…unlike a stain blue.”Windsor or Thalo Blue” as seen below.

 Stain Blues make colors that are rich and dark. Mineral Blues are lighter.

I want a light foreground against a darker sky.

Art Tip:  Contrast is an artist’s friend. Light against dark…or dark against light.

When Painting water it is good to remember that the water always reflects the colors in the sky and the rocks.

Plan ahead and place reflections in your wet water wash!

Sand can be tricky…here is a great color combo.

Yellow mixed with purple will give you a perfect shade for the sand…add a little of the blues you put in the sky and your color will be right.

This palette was made with Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Purple, Windsor Purple, Sepia and Yellow Ochre.

These colors are repeated in the girl’s hair.

Note how the colors are alternated in a clear water wash to bring out the appearance of  SHINE in the hair!

Can you see the yellow golds and purple in the sand?
Did you see the purples in the Dress and Gulls?
Did you notice the cast shadows…I bet you missed them!:)
The shadows are a trick that hint at light and dimension, even though it is not part of any real scene.

For the final details I need white watercolor.Titanium White is the most Opaque.

The fine string for the kite and some of her strands of hair are created with white watercolor.

These last details are made with a fine liner brush.
Just working on this piece brought back great memories from the trip!

I will post the top ideas for titles this weekend on my FB Fan Page.

Thank to all who sent in entries, and please vote…XOXO

There lives in each of us an eternal child, who is full of hope, wonder and delight!

Never let them go.

Thank you for joining me on my Artist’s Journey…I leave you with a poem…

“Let us together a journey begin, holding onto the best within…
We’ll go to a place we’ve been before, the childhood gate will be your door.
Be strong of good courage, be not afraid…
for the path that we’ll walk, is the one our dreams made.”




~ by jodybergsma on September 15, 2011.

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