Drawing Magical Dragons,Let Your Phoenix Soar! Free Shipping Special Too!

Darling Friends…

Sky and I are working on the videos…we will have a few to launch by the end of October…Just in time for the ARRIVAL OF THE ART BOOK!

We will give YOU the new website for FREE ART CLASSES at the OPENING October 27th -29th! You are INVITED.

This week we have a spooky cool special!

FREE SHIPPING for orders within the continental USA…! Till the 31st. (Prices adjusted once order ships)

Now onto ART Class…

TIPS FOR DRAWING Fantasy Creatures.
This week I drew 2 Dragon and Gryphon combinations.

Dragons are the element of good fortune and the spring energy of growth.
The phoenix is the symbol of those who can begin again.

First start with rough sketches of your subjects…
Stay loose. Erase allot!

My first drafts are made with a light 3H pencil.

Keep DOODLING…use your eraser…
SECRET TECHNIQUE…Make faces while you draw your characters.
Try it right now…put on the face of a snarling dragon…
I SWEAR, it will help you draw them better! ( Stick your tongue out.)

Expression is EVERYTHING!

Be Powerful…Feel your character, make the face!!!.
I first saw this technique when I visited the studios at Disney.
Every artist has a mirror at their desk to make faces at!

I want my Dragon to have a rider… See the bird under the Dragon/ phoenix in this rough sketch?

When I draw dragons I start with birds.

I use thin tracing paper to help layer and develop my ideas.

Sky (early in the morning)  arrived and added some ideas to the composition!
She inspired these drawings by finding on line a special statement …
“When the Dragon Dances …and the Phoenix Soars… Happiness will rule the land.” Old Chinese Proverb.

Most fantastic creatures are combinations of existing animals and shapes in Nature.

I use horses and my long haired whippets to create my dragons. ( Maybe a little gator) The Eyes of Cats!

The Phoenix is part heron and hawk…See it now?

See the RED MAPLE LEAF? This pattern I use for Dragon and Fairies wings.

Next…This is an example of a very loose and energetic thumbnail fantasy drawing…They are fun and full of life! WINGS everywhere.

Can you see the dragon and Gryphon taking shape??

I laid a piece of tracing paper over the quick sketch and began to shape the details.

I placed the second drawing on a “light” table and started on the final drawing.
Nest week join me to see these fully completed and painted!

Remember…when you draw and paint fantasy…you bring MORE MAGIC into your life!

“You walk in the atmosphere of your own believing.” Willard Fuller

The Pets are an Inspiration! My Dog is the dragon!

Princess Peach, the rescue studio kitty has the eyes!

Thanks for joining me in this week’s…Magical Creatures Class.

Remember, the world is full of magic if you just keep your eyes open and believe!

Wishing you a fantastic, magical week!



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