Dream Friends ARRIVE!! And The “Painting Of TRIBUTE”…9-11 Ten Years Later

Dear Friends,

First the big news…the wildlife and fantasy Dream Friends that you helped me with 4 months ago HAVE ARRIVED!

My Staff of 8 unloaded 1000 boxes. What a great TEAM!!

We would like to extend the pre-sale price of $14.99 until Sept. 18th. (Reg. $19.99)

These are a HUGE hit with KIDS and a fantastic price!

Jody Bergsma and Heather, Sergei the truck driver , Lanette and Pam in the Box line.

The Pillows fold up; velcro and become a darling FRIEND!

The Dream Friends include: Dragon, Wolf, Unicorn, Rainbow Cat, Moose and Bear!


This week I tackled a huge assignment.

To create a “Tribute” to all our military servicemen and women, Firemen, and Police.

I have always felt deeply for the many that have suffered and died in the line of duty… Do we think of them, and say a prayer of thanks for their incredible sacrifice?

I wanted to.

The mechanics…Prepare your colors.

Yellow is a central color…It is the color of will.

My blues need to be softened…I use this secret, add brown to blue…and a little purple.

Blue is the color of vision and the mind.

Using Mineral Blues creates the granular look in the wash.

The cobalt blue mineral in the red stain is a fantastic combination…The blue ties the red into the composition in a “perfect” balance.

Caput Mortium, Cobalt Blue and Alizarin Crimson…and a little brown…Create the Stripes.

I use the light red wash in the sky to balance the painting.

The blues that I used in the sky are now darkened with Sepia brown and Payne’s Grey.

Once all of the colors are in place it is time to add the details.

For this I use Titanium White.

The stars are carefully placed.

The Soldiers and Fireman are surrounded with white halos.

They walk the path of  Loyalty, Bravery and Honor.

The eye and heart of the eagles guide them on their last journey.

I am moved to drop my head in Gratitude…May this painting serve as a Lasting Tribute, to all that have ever served this country.

Thank you.

We remember 9-11, the 10th Anniversary this week…
All gave some…some gave All.


Click on “Tribute”

50% off Raw Limited Edition Prints of Tribute…until Sept. 18th.


~ by jodybergsma on September 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dream Friends ARRIVE!! And The “Painting Of TRIBUTE”…9-11 Ten Years Later”

  1. Jody, that is really a beautiful 9/11 painting! A beautiful tribute to the fallen heros and families members!

  2. Jody: I love your new Tribute print, of course I am going to have to get it to go with the other two that you double matted for me with the silver dollar.

    It is hard to think back to that day.


  3. Jody,
    This painting is so amazing, I can’t explain how it touches my heart but it so reminds me of the images from my thirty years in the fire service. It’s a wonderful tribute. I wish it could be on the steps at City Hall for our ceremony on Sunday. It would be a wonderful backdrop for the event. Thanks so much for your vision as expressed in this amazing work. I will be M C’ing the city event so let me know if we can include this work.
    Much love to you for this tribute,

    Stan Snapp, Bellingham City Council President

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