Paint A Snow-Girl And You Are Invited To Two Events!!

Hello Blog Friends and Painters!

First Announcements:

1. Jody would love to see you at her signing at Art’s West in Issaquah.
12-3 P.M. this Saturday, October 1ST.
She will be taking many of the new art prints and THE PILLOWS!

2. OCTOBER 27th – 29th…The Fall Opening
At the GALLERY in Bellingham!

Jody Bergsma with Kellee Lindauer…who loves the title: “Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Signing at…Arts West Unique Gifts.
317 NW Gilman Blvd #27, Issaquah, WA 98027
425.270.3758 or  855.873.1555

This week I painted a new Holiday Snowman!
Join me in class to see how it is done. 🙂

First, I start with sketches…Do lots of little ideas till something begins to excite you.

Teddy Bears, Snow-People and The Holidays…what a good combo!

Art Tip: To create white with watercolor…you must add very little color.

The pink…gives a living, breathing quality to our Snow-Girl!

I use a combination of cobalt -blue, green and purple to make the shadows in the snow.

These mineral paints are heavy and will not travel far in the wet wash.

 I use a wet on wet wash technique to make evergreen trees.

Big salt crystals in the snow will make an illusion of frost!

Art Tip: When you place the salt in the wet surface of your painted paper…

You will get the best results if the paper is almost dry.

Practicing salt washes is FUN! You always are surprised.

When filling in the other colors…keep them light and use the blue and purple mineral paint to make shadows.

Your Watercolor will glow if you keep the colors very light in the highlights!

Create roundness in your shapes by shadowing with a darker mineral wash.

After all of your colors are filled in…Add  shadows to create depth.

Can you see the shadow under the snow-girl’s nose and holly hair?

Adding some White Titanium watercolor with a liner brush at the end…puts in final details.

The snowflakes are the last touch…
“I just can’t Bear the Holiday’s without you!”

End of Class!

Sky and I are now filming the watercolor class…Look for them soon!

See you at the signings!




~ by jodybergsma on September 30, 2011.

One Response to “Paint A Snow-Girl And You Are Invited To Two Events!!”

  1. My favorite of Jody’s is “Under the Mistletoe”. I am a Red Hat girl plus I collect cardinals. Now how much more can I ask for?

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