Memories of Summer, BEST RECIPE and SPECIAL on Journals and Shipping!

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Dear Blog Friends,

I hope all of you have REALLY ENJOYED your Summer.  I know I have.
Here are a few Highlights.

First a SPECIAL sale for the  weekend…Especially for those of you
waiting for our NEW Journals to go online. Click below:

There were lots of Free events the last 3 months…

Free art Class in June in Fairhaven!

Time with the Girl Scouts Painting on…Peace Day.

 More Kid visits!

A well deserved Holiday with my Daughter Sky Bergsma Rockenbach and best friend Francesca Tolchin…From LA to Bellingham up the 101 in 5 days.:)

Our Trip led to one of my favorite title contests ever!
Remember this one?

This was great too.:)

The Frogs Came to visit…

And pretty soon we had a zillion babies!

I grew my first Garden from seeds this Summer and LOVE all the beauty!

I went to Illinois to Celebrate 100 years of the ETERNAL INDIAN.

I went to 5 trade shows…

New Products were shown! PS…The Pillows arrive next week!

Summer comes to a close…
Time to pick blackberries.

Another First…I made Freezer Jam.. In my Pajama’s :).

Thank Karen Brock-Sines for sharing this great recipe…SUMMER all winter long.
Karen insists on…Instant Fruit Pectin  by BALL in the green container.
You need 4 cups of crushed berries, cherries, grapes, plums, peaches or other tender fruit.
1 1/2 cups sugar. (I love Raw organic sugar! Buy it in the bulk section)
6 Tablespoons of the instant pectin.( Karen’s secret)
Put the pectin through a wire sieve to remove lumps, mix it in with the sugar and just stir it into the fruit
Put it into the jars. Within 30 minutes it is thickened, by over night it is totally thickened and perfect…then into the freezer.

We have two new Kittens from Karen! This is Princess Peach with Jessi Bergsma Rockenbach.

This one Sky named Coconut! HAHA

There are a million reasons to be happy…Just remember the good times, let everything else fade.

There is so much beauty in the world!

I hope you have a fantastic HAPPY LABOR DAY weekend.
Enjoy every day…because you don’t get any of them back.

I am grateful for you, for life and…for love.




Tulips, Swan Babies And A Patriotic Tribute

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Dear Blog Friends…

Welcome to DRAWING class!
Where do good drawings come from?
Let me show you.

First, I would like to take you ON A CRUISE!

Sky and I were fortunate to be invited on an evening Dinner Cruise with Captain Terry of Island Mariner Whale Watching Cruises. Click on my photo to visit their site.

It was a perfect evening and our camera was ready to catch some footage.

Mt Baker from the bay…you will see this later in today’s drawing.

The cruise included at no extra charge THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET of the summer!:)

Now…onto class.
To do a good drawing you need GOOD RESEARCH!

I have been asked to submit a sketch for the  Skagit and Oregon Tulip Festivals…I have been taking photo’s for a year!

I wanted Trumpeter Swans…I found photos on the web.

I pulled from my favorite tulips!

The best pencil sketches come from good photos. (I slipped Mt Hood in for Oregon.)

My first draft sketch is done with a 3H pencil. This creates a light line that can be IMPROVED on later.

The second layer of pencil sketching is created with a soft lead (F or 2B).
I look at the photo’s and add the critical details.

1, THUMBNAILS create the first draft.
2, Light pencil makes the second.

In a scenic composition I used a Triangle Square to MAKE SURE THE HORIZON IS HORIZONTAL. 🙂

Ask yourself, is it fresh, does it have movement, is it balanced…and most importantly…
If you can answer YES to all of these questions…You drawing has the potential to go on to be a good painting!

Can YOU SEE the lighter lines under the final sketch? Click the drawing to make it larger.

Look at Mt Baker…When you draw…your own photo’s come in handy. So keep your camera with you and ready.

A Skagit Symphony!

This week I wanted to honor our Veterans and all Servicemen…

I gathered the photos. Many from the internet.

This was hard to do…

I always get emotional when thinking of all the brave souls who have served with their lives.

Thank You, All Servicemen, all Veterans, all Fireman and Police for your courage and dedication

God Bless You.

“Tribute, All Gave Some…Some Gave All.”

Thank you for preserving our freedom.


Paint The Beach,Title Contest, New Fabrics, And NW Business Article!‏

•August 18, 2011 • 4 Comments

Dear Blog Friends…

This week we are back to ART CLASS… but first an update!

The Seattle Gift Show was a great success and many of my stores came and ordered the new products. THANK YOU.

The favorite was the new art book that many of you helped me create and of course…THE PILLOWS!

I know it is taking longer than expected…but I promise they are on the way!

Now onto art class…:)

ART TIPS: Painting the colors of the beach.

Mixing sand colors and beach blues is easy if you know these techniques!

The blues are created with Windsor Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Cerulean Blue and Windsor Violet.

The Sand color…EASY :)…use a little White watercolor and mix it with Sepia Brown and Yellow Ochre.

When you mix the blues and the sand color…you get beautiful soft Beach blues!

ART TIP: Use your mixed beach blue to create shadows in the shin tones.

I PROMISE…this will look natural when the back ground get painted.

Use the wet wash method to create a smooth sky. Wet the paper with clear water…and while it is still wet place your colors.

Using a little of the pale yellow sand color on the horizon helps blend the background and foreground colors.

I have used the same pallet throughout the setting. Notice the blue shadows in the sand.

The hair color even blends…I am using Sepia and Purple and a little Paynes grey.

You can create a shimmering head of hair by spacing the dark paint in a alternating dark light pattern in each strand.

I use the same pallet for the sea turtle…Pale sand with the browns and a little green made with Yellow Ocher and Blue.

To make the water sparkle I add white watercolor .

Title Contest:
I am sure one of you has a great idea for a title…if you send me a good one…I will send you a coupon for a FREE item with your next order. Click HERE & submit via my Fan Page.

End of Painting class.

This week I received several new samples from a wonderful fabric company, Robert Kaufman.

If you are interested in Fabric and quilting…these are STUNNING!
I am proud to be working with this fine company!

You may contact one of my NW Accounts Over The Rainbow – click on the pic.

Or direct from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. They can lead you to a fabric store near you. Click on his logo below:

My favorite is the Orca Whales combined with swirling water fabrics.

Sea life with Sea life square scenes! Great for pillows or quilts.

Wild Life with birds…I think the printing is Beautiful!

THANK YOU ROBERT KAUFMAN…for these new items.

I leave you with this article about myself and my company from Northwest Business Monthly Magazine.

Wishing all of you a fantastic weekend
and, Happy PAINTING!



  Meet Global Artist : Jody Bergsma

NW Business Monthly Magazine

<——-Click Web Exclusives

Summer Highlights From Jody…The Sale And Her Travels!

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Dear Blog Friends…It has been a CRAZY BUSY SUMMER!

I leave tomorrow for the SEATTLE GIFT SHOW; which means another week of sales. (Busch and Slates showroom and the Convention Center Booth #1727)

To recap the last few weeks, I am sharing a few highlights of my travels…and

We will return to the painting blogs soon…just in time to get inspired for the Fall.

Love all of you and wish you a fantastic summer.

Jody and Sky at a July Trade show.  (4 in all)

Signing all day in Illinois for the 100 year Anniversary of the Taft Sculpture…The Eternal Indian.

Talking to Kid’s Groups…

Showing off the new Fabrics by “Robert Kaufman” Coming soon to JoAnne’s Fabrics.

The Blankets are in!


People filled up little boxes with FUN!

Enjoying their new originals 🙂

Kids bring me their portfolios to review…This young man, Bryce G. is especially talented!

So Many BARGAINS!…the sale room is a favorite place at the warehouse gallery!

MY FANTASTIC STAFF; thank you for your awesomeness!

Chris Hansen loves his EAGLES!

Mason, Michael, Melia, and Mike Hall! A family  MMM&M outing!

Tara from the art department framing the TOO BIG picture!

Back at Home Sky and I are co-designing a new line for the IPHONE AND KINDLE HOLDERS called  BERGSMA 88…for the year Sky was Born.

Sky Bergsma Rockenbach prepares art for a new “computer savvy” generation!

Artists of the future will use computers instead of Paint brushes!

I saw Many Beautiful Things on my travels including this sunset in the cornfields of Illinois.

I think I wore Sky out though…Glad she has

Pre-orders being taken now for a Sept 1st delivery date!

Thanking all of you for your heartfelt support…



Bergsma Sidewalk Sale – This Weekend

•July 28, 2011 • 2 Comments

Dear Bergsma Friends,



We are busy getting ready. Here are a few insights…

I hope you can come to the event of the year!

This FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY. July 29th – 31st

$1.00, 2.00 and 3.00 tables and all art in the gallery 50%OFF!!!

If you can’t come, see online for the WEB SIDEWALK  SALE 🙂

My daughter Sky came to help make journals…$3.00 ea. or 2 for $5.00!

Julie and Jeannie will be there to make you framed prints and mugs…

I will be there to dance a jig! HAHA

Pam is making EVERYTHING!

Lots of new products!

Tara in the Art Department makes your prints.:)

I will be modeling our Bergsma “Huggie”…Reg 20.00 on sale for 10.00!!!

All Christmas 50% off!

All Regular products 50% off!

Lot of volunteer helpers to aid you…

( Thanks JoJo and her Mom for coming in!)

The blankets 2 for 30.00!!

Dream Friends (Pre-Orders) 2 for 30.00 !!

Dream Friends -COMING SOON!!!!

We have been waiting for this all year…if ever you wanted a GREAT DEAL this is the weekend…

We would love to see you there!

XOXO Jody & The Staff

News: Jody At Oregon Trail Days

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Dear Bergsma Friends,

Heather here….

Just wanted to report that Jody may be in a city near you this week!!!

Jody was commissioned this year to paint an image for the 100th Anniversary of Lorado Taft’s, Black Hawk Statue in Oregon, Illinois.

She will be joining the celebration this Saturday July 16th at Lowden State Park. She’ll be available for signings and would love to give you a FREE gift if you are in the area.

For more information about Oregon Trail Days, click on “The Eternal Spirit”.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog…Jody is back with more inspirations!!!

Have a wonderful weekend,


AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL…The Great 2011 Road Trip!

•July 7, 2011 • 2 Comments

Dear Blog Friends,

Last week, I went on the road trip of a lifetime and am excited to share some of the highlights in case you too one day have a chance to travel…The Open Road.


“Song of the Open Road” by Walt Whitman will be our song too…Come with us…here we go.

Here is a link to the entire Walt Whitman Masterpiece:

“Afoot and light-hearted, I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me,

The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose.”

Sky Bergsma Rockenbach, Francesca Tolchin and Jody Bergsma…take to the Road Starting on a beach in LA.
There were many new friends made on the way! Just use O-strich of your.. imagination!:)   (Solvang)
Finishing the 1st day in Pelican Cove…near Morrow Bay.

Day 2…The 101 coast road and the castle.
The Hearst Castle …The framework of a man’s dream…
Endless rolling hills from the castle, a feast for the eyes.
“I inhale great draughts of space;
The east and the west are mine,
and the north and south are mine”
So much beauty.

The indoor pools were made of real lapis…
Blue …Blue….Blue.

400 step later we are holding each other up!
“Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons,
It is to grow in the open air,
and the eat and sleep with the earth.”

The view from Nepenthe…the fog below us…Big Sur…stretching to infinity.
We stayed in Carmel on night 2…
Day #3…17 mile drive and the biggest Cypress Trees I have ever seen.
“The efflux of the Soul is happiness – here is happiness;

I think it pervades the open air, waiting at all times;

Now it flows unto us – we are rightly charged. ”

Pigeon Point light house on the 101 into San Francisco…
Based on Pigeon Point light…”Safety after the Storm.”  … the place that inspired this painting.
Crossing the Golden gate bridge…
Sky’s first time over this icon landmark!

Night 3 we stayed in Napa; the place for…drinking wine!:)

Day 4…North on Highway 29…fantastic to see all the wineries.

Onto the Redwoods.

“I think that I shall never see…a thing as lovely as a tree!”



To know the universe itself as a road—as many roads—as roads for traveling souls.

I visited one of my accounts in Klamath, CA – Trees Of Mystery. They have a wonderful selection of all the Bergsma products.
When you visit them, please say Hi!.
Click this photo to visit their website.
 Daughter Jessi and her friend Chris have joined us…

We are at the  Biggest tree in the Rockefeller Forest…363 feet high 54 feet across.

Traveling Far from the trees to the coast…

…Jessi on the bluff.

“Allons! Whoever you are, come travel with me!

Traveling with me, you find what never tires.

The earth never tires; ”

“Allons! we must not stop here!

However sweet these laid-up stores – however convenient this dwelling,

we cannot remain here; ”

The road of Eucalyptus trees… the air is so clean it breaks into rainbows at our passing.
Abandoned to Ranchers…the road is long and unmarked.

Finally…Our day is done and we all arrive in Ferndale…I feel as though we have stepped back in time to 1950.

Victorian Inn…home to weary travelers.

Day 5…


 We have 550 miles to go today…The candy store has our fuel!( Sky is particularly excited)

…2 pounds of chocolate later…we are ready to DRIVE.


We arrive on the 4th of July at Cannon Beach in northern Oregon… the best fireworks ever…a simple sunset.
“Mon enfant! I give you my hand!
I give you my love, more precious than money,
I give you myself;
Will you give me yourself? will you come travel with me?
Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?”

The last Morning we awoke on the Beach…our Journey almost over…But really the Great Journey shall never really end… Really it is just the beginning!
Thanks for coming with us on…The Road Trip of a lifetime…
Mark your calendar – JULY 29, 30, 31ST
It’s time for me to you let know about our biggest  sale event of the year:

Much Love,