Tulips, Swan Babies And A Patriotic Tribute

Dear Blog Friends…

Welcome to DRAWING class!
Where do good drawings come from?
Let me show you.

First, I would like to take you ON A CRUISE!

Sky and I were fortunate to be invited on an evening Dinner Cruise with Captain Terry of Island Mariner Whale Watching Cruises. Click on my photo to visit their site.

It was a perfect evening and our camera was ready to catch some footage.

Mt Baker from the bay…you will see this later in today’s drawing.

The cruise included at no extra charge THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET of the summer!:)

Now…onto class.
To do a good drawing you need GOOD RESEARCH!

I have been asked to submit a sketch for the  Skagit and Oregon Tulip Festivals…I have been taking photo’s for a year!

I wanted Trumpeter Swans…I found photos on the web.

I pulled from my favorite tulips!

The best pencil sketches come from good photos. (I slipped Mt Hood in for Oregon.)

My first draft sketch is done with a 3H pencil. This creates a light line that can be IMPROVED on later.

The second layer of pencil sketching is created with a soft lead (F or 2B).
I look at the photo’s and add the critical details.

1, THUMBNAILS create the first draft.
2, Light pencil makes the second.

In a scenic composition I used a Triangle Square to MAKE SURE THE HORIZON IS HORIZONTAL. 🙂

Ask yourself, is it fresh, does it have movement, is it balanced…and most importantly…
If you can answer YES to all of these questions…You drawing has the potential to go on to be a good painting!

Can YOU SEE the lighter lines under the final sketch? Click the drawing to make it larger.

Look at Mt Baker…When you draw…your own photo’s come in handy. So keep your camera with you and ready.

A Skagit Symphony!

This week I wanted to honor our Veterans and all Servicemen…

I gathered the photos. Many from the internet.

This was hard to do…

I always get emotional when thinking of all the brave souls who have served with their lives.

Thank You, All Servicemen, all Veterans, all Fireman and Police for your courage and dedication

God Bless You.

“Tribute, All Gave Some…Some Gave All.”

Thank you for preserving our freedom.


~ by jodybergsma on August 26, 2011.

10 Responses to “Tulips, Swan Babies And A Patriotic Tribute”

  1. This is soooooooooo awesome Jody. Ty so much for letting us know how u come up with these wonderful ideas. lol I confess ur getting me interested in painting again. Maybe when winter comes and things slow down.. if they do. But i decided to get two of the art books when they come out as i want to keep one for myself. can’t wait. be sure and let us know when they are available. bless ya girl Ur a blessing to me.

  2. Gosh Jody …You are so inspirational……… I’m off trying more artsy stuff..
    These are beautiful!

  3. This makes it look so easy, I see exactly what you are doing! I have some beautiful pics I have taken…and I already have the drawing paper and pencils….and a great BIG eraser… I just felt like drawing a couple of months ago and had bought the supplies…thanks for sharing, Jody!

  4. Jody,
    Thanks so much for sharing. As you know, my mom is Carmen Delceg. We have been going through through all their “stuff” to clear out what to be given away, what to sell and what to pass on to kids. I have found mountains and mountains of “research material” … photos and photos of things to be used in future pictures. And becuase I am an artist myself, – and had been professional for a long time before commiting to taking in my folks and taking care of them after we found they both had dementia and were not safe on their own – I cannot bring myself to get rid of any of it! Like you, I also use the internet for research material. What a rich resource!
    Thanks for the tribute to our servicemen. My son is in the Air Force and has been on over 10 deployments to the Middle East since 9/11, He is now Airborne and has been highly decorated for his achievements in working for our great country. Today is his 24th birthday.
    I appreciate your blog and continue to glean good things from it. Thanks again for shairng.
    Diane Delceg Loewen

    • Dear Diane,
      First my condolences on the passing of your parents…Carmen was a good teacher and a favorite artist of mine…Her watercolor technique for portraits inspired me!
      Second…God Bless your Son and Keep him Safe.
      Next week I will share the painting of “Tribute”
      Love to the whole family, Jody

  5. Jody,

    Your patriotic drawing is awesome. I was the gentlemen that visited your shop months ago and talked to you about doing a painting with the tribute “All gave some…some gave all.” Very good drawing, cannot wait to add to my collection.


    • Hi Matt…I remember your visit well! I had 3 people that gave me some input and all of you really improved the piece! THANKS!

  6. Hi Jodi,

    This is the first time I have ever posted. I just have to tell you what an inspiration you are to me. While I enjoy all different types of painting, I am most moved by your style and talent. I too am an artist and enjoy mixed media. My subjects usually involve animals and nature. I would like to work more in watercolor. Would you help me with a suggestion on what brand of watercolors and what type of watercolor paper I should work with? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for what you do. The world is a beautiful place, and even more beautiful since you and your art are a part of it. Blessings.


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