About – Jody Bergsma

Creating Inspiration since 1984….

I began painting as a young child. When I was 3 years old my mother encouraged me to paint my dreams in her attempt to understand why I was not sleeping. This helped me work through my night terrors and began the long road into the unraveling of my incredible imagination. This vast invisible world has become the sea of ideas that never runs dry. The beautiful and wonderful images I was seeing in my sleep soon ecliped the bad dreams and a style was born.

When I was fifteen I attended my first ameture Art Show.

I surprised myself by selling all of my fantasy pictures. I attended hundreds of Art Shows, painting literally thousands of paintings during the next 10 years.

My revenue from Art paid for my collage education.

In the 70’s, I lived in Canada and studied  art and industrial design/engineering. My exposure to the Canadian Wilderness Impressionism Movement gave me a spark to follow my own artistic evolution. My love for nature merged with this inspiring group of painters from the north and the Natural Elements line came into being.

I now travel the globe to research and gather inspiration.

My imagination continues to be my greatest influence.

“Art is a tradition that helps define who we are and brings us a vision of who we can become. My painting is my expression and request for a more beautiful, peaceful, and harmonious world.”

Wishing you the inspired life,




33 Responses to “About – Jody Bergsma”

  1. hi is it possible to order prints..thank you

  2. Ach! NOW I know why your art resonates with me so deeply.

    “In the 70’s, I lived in Canada and studied art and industrial design/engineering. My exposure to the Canadian Wilderness Impressionism Movement gave me a spark to follow my own artistic evolution. My love for nature merged with this inspiring group of painters from the north and the Natural Elements line came into being.”

    I’ve lived in the Canadian Wilderness all my life, including 1/2 of my adult life spent in the sub-Arctic and Arctic. Now, with a drastic change in lifestyle I am finally exploring my artistic/creative side. I’ve spent the last year surfin’ and learning about art online and just started taking some local classes. My instructor said of my first painting “You are an impressionist. Your painting looks like a West Coast shoreline” At the time I was a tad miffed because I was trying to paint more realistically and I have little affinity for the west coast.

    Since then I’ve released my preconceived notions of what my art will be and am letting it just come out as it wants to do.

    I’ve never seen the term “Canadian Wilderness Impressionism Movement” before and am off to Google it and see where that leads.

    I totally enjoy your blog, it’s the first one that I’ve ever followed consistently. Thank goodness for the internets! It’s always here at 3am and now you are as well. What a blessing for this house-bound farm-woman-in-training! Thank you for sharing yourself and your art with us.

    on the farm in Manitoba…

  3. It’s the “Group of Seven”. That was something we called them in college when I went to the Vancouver Art School back in the ’70’s.

    L. Harris is my favorite. Check out his simple shapes in oil.

    With the internet you are never home-bound. The world is at your backdoor, or at least your computer.

  4. Hi, Jody!
    I have been receiving your blog for a while, now but it was going into my Spam folder so I only recently have had the opportunity to start reading it. I am a professional artist and illustrator in Othello, Washington. I also have a nutrition business focusing on health and wellness.
    You know my mother, Carmen Delceg. I’m Diane Loewen.
    I have been an acrylic artist for many years, but am fascinated by your hints regarding watercolors. I have never gone into watercolors (thought about it! LOL) and am curious as to how you prevent bleed when painting your background. When I am looking at the development of your fairy picture I find myself wondering if you use a frisket of some kind? Or is it all just control of the disbursement of your water?
    I have taken on students from time to time for my own media but no longer do so. Too busy with life!!! LOL
    I’ll continue to follow your most interesting and informative blog. I’m enjoying and appreciating it – and learning from it!
    Have an awesome and blessed day!
    Diane Delceg Loewen

  5. Dear Jody:
    I discovered your incredible art in the book called “Dreambirds.”
    A friend of mine has asked me to do a stain glass picture of a big black bird. Her totem animal is the eagle which makes sense since she is a reiki master. Is it okay for me to use the picture of the eagle with the sun at one wing tip and the other touching the moon as a pattern. I would only be using it in the medium of stain glass in colours of my own choosing, also placing the shield with a dreamcatcher with an agate in the center. Your consideration of my request is very much appreciated.

    • You are always welcome to use my artwork for personal art projects, like your stain glass window. In general I like people to know that others have inspired me and I’m thrilled when I can inspire you. I have seen beautiful projects like: quilts, needlepoint, collage, tattoos, wedding invitations, and of course stain glass. Remember if you would like to have some black and white drawings for your patterns, I have two coloring books currently on sale for $3.00 each that each have 20 drawings or you can go to my “sketch” section of my website and download those for free.

  6. How refreshing to have stumbled upon your blog spot this evening. And how kind and warm it is to see familiar faces, paintings and pictures! I’m in disbelief over how grown up Sky is now! I last saw her in her early teens, and Jessi…I miss Jessi and all the great adventures we had on your beautiful property! I hope you are doing well Jody. I walk by the millions of prints framed in my mothers house everyday and they bring me back to great times and memories. Thank you for that. Is there any way you can put me in contact with Jess? My phone crashed and I’ve since lost her phone number…although she may be without if she is venturing about in the world:) Thanks again. Your blog bring me home!

    • Hi Tara!

      Jessi is coming home the 3rd of May. She’s been gone almost a year. Send me your number and I’ll have her call you.

      She also has a website that talks about her travels. http://www.blarvolution.com

      Say Hi to your Mom!

  7. Jody, I have been a fan of your and of Barbara Sternberger for a number of years. I have wanted to take a class from Barbara but do not know how to contact her or find out about classes she may be teaching. Can you help me? Thanks. Mike

    • Dear Mike,
      Tonight is my last class with Barbara and I will print out your comments and take them to her. You may know she teaches at Western and her new class just started this week. She is a fantastic teacher! I hope she will get back to you.
      Best Wishes & Happy Painting, Jody

  8. Now that my youngest had graduated from Western, I will need to make the trek just for you, and not use her as an excuse to visit your shop. I love your northwest animals, Native American, and wilderness designs, as much, or perhaps more than the adorable children designs. Have you done Australiam animals, and indigenous designs? I cannot think of any. Like our culture, they seem to have much to inspire too. If you need a researcher, let me know, I’d go for you!

  9. Dear Jody , what a pleasure to meet you and your staff! Thank you
    for taking the time to sign your work that I have loved for years. also thank you for the special thoughts that you put on my grand son Zanes pictures as I’m sure you’ll be an inspiration to
    him in years to come. Pat and I will be sure to come and visit you again , Friends from Seattle,Fran and Pat

  10. This is great! Thank you for sharing your imagination with us. I wish you luck with future projects.


  11. Hoi
    have been receiving your blog for a while, and I like all the work you are doing. I like to cross stitch and 4 years ago I started with Amid Hummers, this year i got it finished. I hope you like the picture of it.

    • How beautiful. I can’t believe your dedication in getting done. I know how hard it is. Your work is beautiful.


  12. What a wonderful Blog! I am not a painter but my 81 year old father does water colors. I am going to share your tips with him.

    • Who knows, you may have hidden artistic talents. Have you ever tried to paint? I bet your father would be happy to share.

  13. Hello Jody, I recieved my very first newsletter/lesson today, and I just had to tell you how appreciative I am, I’m a beginner in watercolors and I live in SE Alaska in a very small town (Ketchikan) where its very hard to find classes. I can identify with your art because I see your colors everywhere here! Its so eyeopening once you begin to paint isn’t it? I find myself looking at everything so differently now. So I want to thank you for your wonderful generosity and sharing…..I am so grateful! As a beginner, can you give me some tips on the kinds of brushes and sizes to use for watercolor painting! Thank you so much,


    • Dear Cheryl,

      I will have a blog on “supplies” very soon. So stay posted.

      Thanks for your comments. I love Alaska!


  14. Just discovered your website, Jody…sincere thanks for touching our world with beauty & grace.


  15. I have enjoyed looking at your blog, great ideas, I think I will be back!

    • Thanks Keryn…I am so enjoying the blog, Face book and Twitter…who would have imagined…a whole new kind of art.

  16. Jody I have been such a fan ever since I first saw one of your images on a greeting card about 8 years ago. I am a watercolor artist as well, but I still have a long way to go until my technique is where I want it to be. Not only do I admire your skill and technique (and super positive outlook on life!), but I am so inspired to someday try to license my work and be my own “brand” to the extent that you are able to, in addition to pursuing my career in children’s illustration. If you would be able to provide any feedback, it would definately go a long way for me! My website is http://www.auralesnjak.com. Thank you for the wonderful blog!

    • Dear Aura,

      What DARLING watercolors on your website http://www.auralesnjak.com. They are all so happy and gosh knows we need more of that in the world!

      These are just the kind of images marketers need to put on their products to make people feel better. My best suggestion to you is to just keep painting and have a great website where you can be found. Possibly, read about and participate in “Social Marketing”. A good social marketing book is “Crush It”.

      Identify your “Brand” with USP (Unique Selling Proposition). You can read about this in John Asseraff’s book “The Answer”.

      I also will be offering painting classes – eventually. Maybe you’d like consider taking one. It will be for an entire weekend at my house.

      Last advice, you need at least 250 good paintings. So just keeping adding to your portfolio.



  17. I received a picture u did. and was wondering if there were more to add as a series? and the value of the picture I have. so I can fill out renters insurance paperwork. contact me thru email.

  18. Hi Jody:

    I wonder if you have ever published a book on watercolor? I enjoy your instructive blogs, but there’s nothing like a book. For that matter, there’s nothing like learning in person…do you teach classes? I’ve been a fan of yours for a very long time. As a matter of fact…in college 8 years ago…I had a paper to do on a watercolor artist, and then had to paint a painting in that artist’s style. I wanted to do a paper on you, but my teacher told me I had to use an artist that was not so modern.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Dear Janet,

      I am glad you are enjoying the blogs. So do I!

      I have been building for the last two years and will finally move into my new house this Fall. I will offer classes to groups of 6 for $150.00 per person for the day plus supplies. You have to help make the lunch 🙂 (For those who would like private instruction it will be in my studio for $150.00/hr…bring your own supplies…Or you can create a class with a maximum of four friends for the same price per hour. )

      Let us know if you would like to get on the list – Email Heather at wholesale@bergsma.com

  19. Hi Jody – I am the person who entered the name for the Laughing Seagull – Sentinal of the Sea – I sm so excited to have received the most votes! I am afraid I may have accidentally deleted notification of the something “wonderful” that all entrants were to receive. It may have gotten into my junk folder by mistake and I am hoping you wouldn’t mind sending it again. Thank you so much – Cathy

  20. Jody, I have two of your prints, which I love…I also have a drawing of a young girl with her arm around the neck of a horse. This young girl’s eyes, along with the eyes of the horse look just like the eyes you draw in your paintings. I’m convinced you drew this as a young child but have no way to verify it. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Best wishes, Jeanette Ide

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