Paint An Orca And The Next Big Event

Dear Blog Friends…

Welcome to another painting class!

Orca Whales are an EASY and BEAUTIFUL creature to PAINT…when you know these secrets.

First, I want to let you know about the ART OPENING at the end of October…All of the originals that you have seen me paint this year will be on display!

I would love to talk to you about their meaning and the techniques…I hope you can come!

Now onto class…

With Orca, you need these tips…START WITH THE LIGHTEST WASHES FIRST.

See how many colors I am layering into the white of the Orca?

Under the water there are shadows and filtered light that we try and capture.

The Orca washes in the white areas may seen a little dark now…but when you add the black…you will see, they are right.

The stain washes in the sky will be reflected in the water.

REPETITION WITH VARIATION…The colors and shapes of the mountains are mimicked in the waves.

With black watercolor…you need to be patient and wait until the end to add the black because it will bleed.

I use Payne’s Gray for Orcas…a blue black.

To get the roundness of the Orca I use Cerulean Blue and Cobalt Violet, Cobalt Blue, Winsor Blue and Prussian Blue stain and Payne’s Gray.

First, the blue and violet mineral wash for the highlight.

Cobalt Blue and Prussian Blue for the mid tones…

Payne’s Gray for the black…THIS IS SO EASY…IF YOU KNOW THESE COLORS!

 WITH A LINER BRUSH I add the effect of the water reflection on the still wet Orca.

Patiently, you paint each section until the Orca takes shape. Remember your colors…repetition with variation!

Look  how the white underbelly of the Orca looks now…the black creates so much contrast.

The first few times I tried to paint an Orca, I had to carefully repaint the white areas because I had made them too light.

I use white Titanium Paint mixed with the green and blue to help it blend.

Orcas are so graceful…They inspire us with their magnificent beauty!

If you didn’t know by now…BLUE is my favorite color…no wonder I love painting the sea!

Have a great week and see you soon.




~ by jodybergsma on October 6, 2011.

One Response to “Paint An Orca And The Next Big Event”

  1. Wow, Jody, this is amazing. So very cool to see how you create, especially for a totally non-artist like myself. You make me believe I could do it. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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