Paint The Beach,Title Contest, New Fabrics, And NW Business Article!‏

Dear Blog Friends…

This week we are back to ART CLASS… but first an update!

The Seattle Gift Show was a great success and many of my stores came and ordered the new products. THANK YOU.

The favorite was the new art book that many of you helped me create and of course…THE PILLOWS!

I know it is taking longer than expected…but I promise they are on the way!

Now onto art class…:)

ART TIPS: Painting the colors of the beach.

Mixing sand colors and beach blues is easy if you know these techniques!

The blues are created with Windsor Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Cerulean Blue and Windsor Violet.

The Sand color…EASY :)…use a little White watercolor and mix it with Sepia Brown and Yellow Ochre.

When you mix the blues and the sand color…you get beautiful soft Beach blues!

ART TIP: Use your mixed beach blue to create shadows in the shin tones.

I PROMISE…this will look natural when the back ground get painted.

Use the wet wash method to create a smooth sky. Wet the paper with clear water…and while it is still wet place your colors.

Using a little of the pale yellow sand color on the horizon helps blend the background and foreground colors.

I have used the same pallet throughout the setting. Notice the blue shadows in the sand.

The hair color even blends…I am using Sepia and Purple and a little Paynes grey.

You can create a shimmering head of hair by spacing the dark paint in a alternating dark light pattern in each strand.

I use the same pallet for the sea turtle…Pale sand with the browns and a little green made with Yellow Ocher and Blue.

To make the water sparkle I add white watercolor .

Title Contest:
I am sure one of you has a great idea for a title…if you send me a good one…I will send you a coupon for a FREE item with your next order. Click HERE & submit via my Fan Page.

End of Painting class.

This week I received several new samples from a wonderful fabric company, Robert Kaufman.

If you are interested in Fabric and quilting…these are STUNNING!
I am proud to be working with this fine company!

You may contact one of my NW Accounts Over The Rainbow – click on the pic.

Or direct from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. They can lead you to a fabric store near you. Click on his logo below:

My favorite is the Orca Whales combined with swirling water fabrics.

Sea life with Sea life square scenes! Great for pillows or quilts.

Wild Life with birds…I think the printing is Beautiful!

THANK YOU ROBERT KAUFMAN…for these new items.

I leave you with this article about myself and my company from Northwest Business Monthly Magazine.

Wishing all of you a fantastic weekend
and, Happy PAINTING!



  Meet Global Artist : Jody Bergsma

NW Business Monthly Magazine

<——-Click Web Exclusives


~ by jodybergsma on August 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “Paint The Beach,Title Contest, New Fabrics, And NW Business Article!‏”

  1. Just awesome-each of them

  2. Jody i met u years ago at an art show in boulder city nv (out side las vegas) art in the park i believe they called it…. back in the early 80’s …. at the time i was military so ive moved alot … for yrs a had 2 of your posters that i framed and hang proudly in all my homes ..until they were destroyed in a tornado one yr 😦
    was so happy to find u online … i now live in Okla do ever plan to come out this way ! OKlahoma has the most beautiful sunsets in america !! come see them

    • Dear Patti,
      Thanks for checking in…I am so sorry that you had a tornado and lost your art.
      …if You ever want to get some prints…get ahold of Heather and tell her I gave you I/2 off TORNADO coupon! 🙂 Heather is at

      Best wishes, Jody

  3. hi, this was so neat, I usally went to the beach when my daughter was small . It takes a lot fun when you have some one to go with, judy

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