Jody Signing And Trade Show Highlights

Hello Bergsma Friends,

I am on the road signing and selling!
I have a few highlights to share from this busy last week.

Susan and her daughter at the Wind Drift Gallery in Newport Oregon

Barbara Kerian and Jody Bergsma.  Barbara was excited to receive her new print of,  “Spirit Of The Mountain”

“Spirit Of The Mountain” New Raven art by Jody Bergsma

Jose Marroquin came to buy some special gifts for his wife Doranne, who collects my work.
Thanks Jose:)

Jody at the beach in Pacific City

I love the drive on the Oregon Coast. So I took the long slow route home.
The rain lifted and I walked barefoot in the sand.

How can something that is free be worth so much.

Coming into Cannon Beach I stopped and took this photo of the famous Haystack Rock.

There is a magic in Oregon…I hope you can experience the beauty and mystery of this place soon.

Next Stop….Las Vegas Gift Show

Ann Mills is writing our first order of the show with Mary, who is my assistant, for the week!

Ray Reece and Valerie LaRocca are FB friends and I got them badges so they could visit.

Thanks Valerie for your enthusiasm. xo

Another FB friend Mike Kane and his wife Rena were kind enough to take Mary and I out to a family style Italian Dinner.
Thank you Mike!

You have all heard the famous saying…
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, except for calories…
they follow you home.

I will return to painting class next week.
Blessings to you till then.

Love and Hugs,



~ by jodybergsma on September 24, 2010.

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