Painting Yellows, Jody Visits Oregon And Las Vegas

Hello Friends!

I find myself on the road again…To the Oregon Coast!
I will have a signing there and would love for you to come…

Also, starting next Wednesday, I will be in LAS VEGAS at the Convention Center for a wholesale trade show.

Susan at The Wind Drift Gallery -414 SW Bay Boulevard, Newport Oregon
is using 20% of this event to help support Makayla. Blessings to Makayla and her family.

Do you know which Oregon Lighthouse this is?

Just imagine yourself at the beach!

Photo by Jessi Bergsma

This Week’s Class…
PAINTING EAGLES and the best way to paint YELLOW (In my opinion:)

The Eagle is a powerful symbol to many cultures.

It was the symbol for the Roman Empire, Native Americans, and the United States.

What is the meaning (in common) for these people?

Eagle as Totem:  Eagle has been seen as a symbol of strength, ferocity, vision and endurance.

Because of their high flight, Eagle has been seen as a symbol of divinity among many cultures. To the Greeks he symbolized Zeus, father of wind and lightning; while the Native Americans see him as connection to Great Spirit.

Eagle teaches us that we have the ability to soar to great heights if only we will find the courage to do so.

Once we dare to reach, we find that the up-currents and thermals of the Universe will support us.

How to Paint a powerful Eagle…

TIP 1: Painting Yellow is a mystery to most people.

I recommend for a good palette: Windsor Yellow, Naples Yellow, Gold Ochre, Cobalt Violet,  Cobalt Blue Dark and Sepia.


To create contrast and a good shadow color use OPPOSITE COLORS!

I use a purple to make the shadow areas. Purple is the opposite color of yellow.

When you add purple to yellow the natural shadow color is created because opposite colors create gray, and gray is the main component of all shadows.

Now you can see the way the colors are mixing!

The human eye mixes the colors even further…

You can use the grays to create the feathers… mixed with sepia brown.

remember the last lesson on mineral colors…here you can see how they are used for texture!

Details start to disappear in the distance, but the principle of shadows is still working…

Details are added last.

My hope is to create an image that allows you to see the EAGLE with fresh eyes.

Eagle is not just an animal…Eagle is a symbol which internationally is recognized for its strength.

End of class.

Amidst all of the work of  life we must find time to Enjoy…
Happy Birthday to my neighbor and Friend….

Jody Bergsma and her Neighbor Andrew Moquin…

Best to everyone and Happy Painting!




~ by jodybergsma on September 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Painting Yellows, Jody Visits Oregon And Las Vegas”

  1. Hello, Jody,
    Your art in fleece is the major element in a lot of the blankets I do for tribal friends who need them to honor others with – the hunters and fishers for funerals, memorials, and other ceremonies. The fishing bear image has been very terrific. The new deer fleece is really applicable.

    If you have an eagle fleece coming soon, that would be very exciting. If there’s a link to the Sykel Enterprises site regarding your art in fabric, I’d really appreciate being refered to it.

    Thanks for all the beauty you bring.

    • I am thinking of doing the eagle with the mountains from this years collection for next year…I can let you know through heather if you like.
      Let me know your favorite!
      Best to you, jody

  2. Jody,

    Thanks so much for a dellightful view into your journey! I live on the Long Beach peninsula, just south of Leadbetter State Park and so enjoy our life here with the flora and fauna.

    • It is so beautiful on the coast…the symphony of wind and waves, eagles and orcas, trees and stone. Perfection!

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